Composição em:

Ableton Push, Akai MPK49 e Arturia Mini Brute.

Recorded UnderLab Media 2014.

Loable is a suite for Wind Blowing with programming in Ableton Push and Logic Pro X.

Author - Wilton Azevedo 2014

Studio - UnderLab Media 

Duo Pantharei.

Distance Voice is another sound experiment Duo Pantharei - Wilton Azevedo & Sergio Basbaum. Recorded in live, perceive variations of frequencies that modulate musically the sound. 

This soundtrack was composed for the Diary has just Said will  be released in 2014.

The intention is always the unexpected. Wilton Azevedo.

This sound was made at dawn in São Paulo looking out the window of my apartment and no one to watch in the street.